More people set off down the divorce route in January than any other Month of the year.


It's Manic Monday: Let's get divorced
Sunday, January 6, 2008 :: Metro

If one of your colleagues looks a bit distracted at work today it's probably because they are looking for a holiday, a new job or a good divorce lawyer. Yes, it's Manic Monday...

The start of the first full week back after Christmas will see more failed couples contacting solicitors and more discontent workers looking for a new challenge than at any other time of year.

And as the post-Christmas blues settle in, it is also one of the most popular times to book a trip away.

Resolutions and the wintry weather are expected to spark a flurry of activity today.

A stream of couples will be heading to divorce lawyers, with infidelity, family rows and financial worries the main reasons behind break-ups, according to advice centre

Divorce solicitor Tony Roe said: 'People tend to wait until Christmas has ended and the children have gone back to school.'

Singer Natalie Imbruglia is among the first casualties she announced her split from husband Daniel Johns on Saturday.

And the winds of change don't stop with relationships. Forty two per cent of workers plan to move jobs in January, with almost half searching while at work.

'With time off to reflect, it's unsurprising the first Monday back in the office sends most people looking for something more fulfilling,' said Keith Potts, of, which carried out the survey.

But it's not all doom and gloom. Association of British Travel Agents chief executive Mark Tanzer said: 'Booking a holiday is a great way of beating the post-Christmas blues, which is why January is such a busy time for our travel agents.'

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